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Letter from the Editor, #762

Jan 2, 2015

Now that we have jumped into 2015 many of our patients will be trying to live up to their yearly repeated resolution to lose weight. They will look for every shortcut and newfangled device or product that will "guarantee" that this will be the year they finally reach physical health nirvana. One of the ways that can help your patients keep active and try to improve their health is a fitness monitor. There are over 60 different models on the market, and more to come. We will be at the Consumer Electronic Association Show next week in Las Vegas and figure that at least 50% of our time will be spent looking at new devices for fitness and telehealth. Last year, we tried out some of the new products and this week we have a long term report on the Misfit Shine, that you can read about here.

These devices will be of extra value as this year the ADA has brought their guidelines in line with those of the AHA as both groups try harder to prevent heart disease from developing. We have a summary of the revisions in downloadable PDF format for you here




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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief