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Letter from the Editor #690: Can “Flipper” Help Save the Day for People with Diabetes?

Aug 16, 2013

There used to be a show on TV when I was a kid called "Flipper." Ranger Porter Ricks patrolled the waters around Coral Key Park with his two sons, Bud and Sandy, and their dolphin friend, "Flipper," solving crimes and spoiling the lives of bad guys. No matter what happened, Flipper, the bottle nose dolphin always saved the day. Now it appears that Flipper may come to the rescue of diabetes patients as well. Dolphins have a form of adult onset diabetes, but have the ability to turn the condition on and off. Find out more about how "Flipper" might be able to treat diabetes.

Overuse injuries are very common in diabetes patients, are challenging to diagnose and treat, and they often worsen over time if neglected. This can set back progress in diabetes patients whether they are experienced athletes, weekend warriors, or couch potatoes trying to increase activity. Now our resident Exercise Guru, Dr. Sheri Colberg has put together a feature on Overuse Injuries in Diabetes to help you identify and treat your patients properly.



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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief