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Letter from the Editor #679: Sheri Colberg’s New Book

May 30, 2013

Sheri R. Colberg, PhD, FACSM has been writing for us for the past seven years and she is our go-to guru when it comes to anything that has to do with diabetes and physical activity. We are proud to announce that her new book, Exercise and Diabetes: A Clinician’s Guide to Prescribing Physical Activity, will be released at the ADA meeting in June, and she will be signing copies in the ADA bookstore on Saturday, June 22nd. This week she gives us a sneak preview with Hypoglycemia Treatment and Prevention Related to Physical Activity.

As a pharmacist I spend a good amount of time trying to get my colleagues to work with prescribers to improve outcomes and care, and then have to convince prescribers that having a pharmacist on their team is worth the investment. This week’s Item #2 looks at a prospective study that demonstrates a positive impact on glycemic control and diabetes-related health maintenance as a result of pharmacist-physician collaborative agreement. If you are looking for a way to give better care to your patients and maximize your quality scores, read this article.



Diabetes In Control congratulates Adam Kaufman, PhD, as he takes on his new role as President and CEO of DPS Health, which developed VLM, the online version of the NIH’s landmark Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).
Topics: Nat Strand talks food plans for a diabetes-friendly wedding; Chef Michel Nischan cooks up an Italian classic with a healthy twist, Zucchini Parmesan; Jim Turner takes the stage in Jim Turner’s Diabetes Theatre; Delaine Wright flies high on the trapeze with type 1 diabetes. Sundays live online at dLifeTV.com at 7 PM ET, 6 PM CT, and 4 PM PT. Keep up on the latest dLife news at dLifeTV.com.

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