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Letter from the Editor #663: LDL and the Bile Acid Sequestrant Colesevelam

Feb 8, 2013

This past week I got a call from a friend and Weight Watchers instructor who had gotten her labs done and found out that her LDL was slightly elevated. Her physician wanted her to start on Atorvastatin. She had been handed the prescription and the nurse told her to call the office immediately if she had any muscle aches or leg cramps. This worried her as she stands on her feet while conducting meetings. She called me to ask if there was another option. I decided to recommend the bile acid sequestrant, colesevelam, as it is indicated for lowering cholesterol. Most of you know that this product can be used to lower glucose levels and a new study from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine explains how this happens and why fasting as well as postprandial glucose levels are affected.

Now that we are in February some of our patients are still hanging on to the diet they started for the new year and have made progress. This week’s special feature from Sheri Colberg, Use Sticky Ideas to Lose the Weight — and Keep It Off This Time, will be a great tool for your patients. 



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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief