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Letter from the Editor #604: Happy Holidays and Lap Bands

Dec 17, 2011

Happy Holidays to all from Steve, Andrew, Heather and all the rest of us here at Diabetes in Control.

Nowadays you can make yourself look a lot younger. With Botox for wrinkles, veneers for your teeth, collagen plumping up for your lips and gluteus maximus, lasers for your varicose veins and Lap Bands for your weight, it is getting easier and easier to look young, but what about the parts you can’t see? This week our very own fitness guru, Sheri Colberg, PhD, helps us figure out, “How Old Are You Really?” Try using her Simple Biomarkers to find out.


Three weeks ago I was in the LA area for a couple of seminars and I saw just how far advertisers would go to sell our patients the hope of quick permanent weight loss. Everywhere I turned there was a billboard for the “Lap Band.” Svelte young women claimed they had lost 100 or more pounds, and some even had a price and payment plan worked out. Now the FDA has decided enough is enough and is going after the California surgical centers doing the advertising. Maybe instead of thinking a band can solve their weight problem your patients should focus on the information in Item #2, Low Carbs for Just Two Days A Week Spurs Weight Loss?



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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief