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Letter from the Editor: Diet by Photo and How Much Exercise Is Enough?

May 7, 2011

 I was reading a book on weight loss and muscle gain, and how to maximize both for managing diabetes when I was presented with a study from the University of Wisconsin- Madison on the use of a cell phone camera to lose weight. This “flash diet” requires the person to simply photograph all meals or snacks prior to eating them. Unlike food diaries that are both time consuming and done after the meal, this instantaneous intervention forced people to consider their choices before they ate them. The conclusion was that the photos worked better than a food diary and even without a prescribed diet, patients would lose weight. This idea might be great for kids and teens who are most likely to use these devices and, since the CDC recently reported that annual medical expenses for a youth with diabetes is $9,061, compared with $1,468 (See this week’s Did You Know? Cost of Care for Youth with Diabetes is Six Times Higher Than for Youth without the Disease.) for those without, there may be a financial incentive to pay them for photographing their food.

How Much Physical Activity is Enough? Do We Really Know? is the subject of a new article from Sheri Colberg, PhD. This takes a look at what patients really need to do, how much is enough and ties right in with the new clinical practice guidelines from the AACE. (See AACE Releases New Clinical Practice Guidelines for Developing a Diabetes Comprehensive Care Plan, Issue #569.) for individualized, comprehensive healthcare for patients with diabetes.




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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief