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June 17, 2017

Jun 17, 2017


This is our first week back from ADA, and Steve and Joy did a fantastic job getting to the best of the best in the diabetes world. Instead of going old school and focusing on the usual thought leaders, they tried to find the new thinkers and ideas that are likely to shape care for the next decade.

Dr. Bruce Neal gave Steve an exclusive interview on the CANVAS study and the use of canagliflozin for heart failure prevention. He presented at the ADA Scientific sessions and then sat down with Steve to give him the inside, in-depth scoop. We also got an early view of a new product to help you know when your insulin has gone to a temperature that makes it unusable. MedAngel One is a new smartphone-powered device that lets you know if your insulin has been either too hot or too cold, making sure you don’t cause unexpected problems. Finally, guest writer David Kliff looks at the reasons why Apple, Amazon and Google all want to be in the Diabetes management business, and the reasons may surprise you.



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Dave Joffe