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Jan. 4, 2020

Jan 4, 2020

I am going to share with you the new 2020 healthy person program. Millions of people follow this program each and every new year with the same results.

12/24… .I only have a week left before I am starting my new health plan to lower my weight, cholesterol and blood sugar
12/29…. I just ordered that new exercise equipment and have tossed all my bad foods and purchased the latest guaranteed-to-work supplements
1/1…. Stayed up too late and don’t feel well, gonna start everything tomorrow
1/2 to 1/5…. Eating perfectly and have worked out 30 minutes for last 4 days, this is easy
1/6 to 1/13…. I feel tired, probably not getting enough food and too much exercise, better slow down
1/14…. I have done so well I can take a couple of days off……. And you know the rest of the story.


If this sounds like what your patients do each year, then maybe you ought to share this month’s feature from Dr. Sheri Colberg on How to Stay Motivated to Be Physically Active.



We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe