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If Mom Works, Kids’ Lifestyle Less Healthy

Oct 4, 2009

If Mom Works, Kids’ Lifestyle Less Healthy: Children of working mothers may be less likely to lead a healthy lifestyle, researchers said. British kids whose mothers worked part- or full-time were more likely to have bad diet and exercise habits than those whose moms stayed at home. Compared with children whose mothers did not work outside the home, kids whose mothers worked full time were more likely to drink sugary beverages between meals, watch TV or use the computer at least two hours a day, and be driven to school rather than walking or biking, the researchers found. Similarly, those whose mothers worked part time, defined as 20 hours a week or less, were also more likely to go for sugary drinks, occupy themselves in front of a video monitor, and be driven to school. Sherburne Hawkins S, et al “Examining the relationship between maternal employment and health behaviors in five-year-old British children” J Epidemiol Community Health 2009; DOI: 10.1136/jech.2008.084590.