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GLP-1 Special Series Editor’s Note #7

Jul 19, 2011

There’s been some interesting research on a compound that appears to be a partner peptide for GLP-1. Oxyntomodulin is released in response to a meal and seems to have a significant effect on glucose levels. Our current PharmD candidate, Farhan Guard, from Lake Erie College of Medicine, found out about this peptide while reviewing some information from the Scientific Sessions. Check out “Oxyntomodulin: Partner to GLP-1?” for more information.

Our Clinical Insights interview with Dr. Steven Edelman, by our publisher, continues this week with more of his thoughts on the use of GLP-1 and our Case Study focuses on choosing the right GLP-1 analog therapy.


Over the past few weeks we have been looking at your responses to questions about GLP-1, including mechanisms, interactions, dosing and effectiveness. In this week’s analysis if our Survey Data, we focus on your prescribing habits and who you think the best candidates for GLP-1 therapy are.