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Feb. 25, 2017

Feb 25, 2017


Most of you know that I love to cycle, and getting in as many miles as possible is always something I am looking for. Although I consider 60 miles to be a long ride, some of my riding buddies believe that is a drop in the bucket. On Friday morning, one of my pharmacist friends put together a ride that most of us only dream of. They rode 145 miles around Tampa Bay. The group had about 10 people, and although most of them were men, there were a couple of women in the group. In addition, the average age was close to 50 years. One of the female riders works as a waitress in a local breakfast spot, and she can usually put any of the men in their place. It turns out her secret is yoga, and a lot of it. It is unlikely that you or your patients will ever be as good as her, but if you read Item #4 you will likely want your patients to try it, even if they say they can’t get off of a chair.

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Dave Joffe