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Feb. 1, 2020

Feb 1, 2020

This past week, our four interns learned about basal/bolus dosing and the value of an insulin pump and CGM for managing type one diabetes. We went through the standard calculations to figure out carb ratios and correction factors, and they got plenty of experience figuring out doses based on those ratios. We had them adjust for low glucose, high glucose, and they even managed to figure out how to accurately calculate the actual amount of carbs to raise glucose.

Their next project will be to prove they can make this dosing regimen understandable to patients. Although we know these numbers will work on paper, we often find that even our best calculations go awry in real life. One of the reasons is the composition of our meals and how the amount of fat can affect glucose peak. This week our intern, George McConnell from LECOM College of Pharmacy, gives you the results of a study along with recommendations for adjusting dosing for fat content.



We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe