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Effectiveness of Aspirin as Dementia Prophylaxis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes 

Mar 17, 2020
Editor: Steve Freed, R.PH., CDE

Author: Mia Flowers, PharmD. Candidate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University School of Pharmacy

Multiple risk factors put patients with T2DM at a high risk of developing dementia; is there evidence for effectiveness of aspirin as dementia prophylaxis?

Rates of dementia are steadily climbing, with estimates as high as 152 million by the year 2050. As a result, the total international cost for managing patients with dementia is also rising. With type 2 diabetes being a risk factor for dementia, especially vascular dementia, researchers have begun to work with diabetes patients to discover a means of preventing debilitating disease. This follow-up cohort study serves to compare and evaluate the efficacy of low-dose aspirin when used long-term as the prevention of dementia for both females and males.....

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Effectiveness of Aspirin as Dementia Prophylaxis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes 
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