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Editor’s Note – DCMS-258

Sep 21, 2015

daveI was reading this week’s Clinical Gem about the use of diuretics for reducing heart failure and blood pressure values. There was a mention of the differences in responses among certain ethnic groups and the difficulty that we often have with African-American patients. There was a lot of focus on the ALLHAT trial and the results. While doing some research, our current intern from the University of South Florida College of Pharmacy, Jaydeep Patel, found the results of the A-HeFT trial, and how the Nitric Oxide Pathway is very important in the minorities. We have his research for you.

Our Homerun Slides look at the use of GLP-1 analogs instead of insulin and our Disasters Averted looks at why having your patients use a local pharmacy is so important.


In this week’s Exclusive Interview, George Bakris, MD, gives his final advice to doctors about how to treat hypertension and kidney disease.

Your partner in diabetes care,
Dave Joffe