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Editor’s Note: Retinopathy, GLP-1 Agonists and More

Feb 7, 2011

Last week I took two of my interns to USF to watch a laser photo-coagulation procedure. The patient had very bad retinopathy and the physician was working hard to save what little vision she had left. Retinopathy is the number one cause of blindness in this country and the microvascular complications of diabetes are the leading cause. This week, Drs. Edelman and Henry focus in on these complications and how to treat them.

When oral medications fail and it is time for an injectable, we often choose a long-acting basal insulin like glargine or detemir. However, recent studies have shown that GLP-1 agonists can also be used with success. This week’s Homerun Slides help you understand how insulin and GLP-1 agonists differ and the advantages of each one.


Pens make injections a lot easier for our patients but sometimes we forget the little things that can go wrong. This week’s Diabetes Disaster Averted from Dana L. Stainbrook, RN, MSN, CDE, reiterates why we should take the time to occasionally review techniques with our patients.