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Editor’s Note, DCMS #213

Nov 3, 2014

Every week we see patients who can’t tolerate metformin, and we often have to chose a less effective but more expensive medication for their diabetes. We try decreasing the dose and then titrating back up, and even that does not work. For years, pharmaceutical companies have been trying to find a way to lessen the gastric effects of metformin with little success. Now, NuSirt Sciences, Inc., a Nashville-based pharmaceutical company thinks they have found a way to solve this problem. Their CEO is Joe Cook, Jr., former CEO and chairman at Amylin Pharmaceuticals, and our publisher, Steve Freed, has spent considerable time on the phone with Mr. Cook. This week, we have the first of a three part series of their in-depth discussion for you.

Our Homerun Slides continue to build on the idea of glucose control for cardiovascular reasons, and our Clinical Text explains how neuropathy starts and how we can help our patients prevent, reverse and treat it. Our Mastery in Minutes video is with Dr. Stanley Schwartz, as he talks about his hopes for a change to a beta-cell centric approach to diabetic patient treatment.