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Editor’s Note, DCMS #146: New Homerun Slides on the Obesity Diabetes Epidemic

Jul 22, 2013

Stan Schwartz, MD, FACP, FACE has been doing clinical work for the University of Pennsylvania for many years. He has also worked with many obese patients as Director of the Obesity Program at the Cardiometabolic Diabetes Center. This week, after much persuasion from our publisher Steve Freed, Dr. Schwartz has agreed to share his Homerun Slides on the Obesity/Diabetes Epidemic: Perspectives, Consequences, Prevention, Treatment. We also have a Mastery In Minutes video for you featuring Dr. Schwartz with specific tips on how to help your patients combat their obesity.

We recently ran a feature about the removal of calluses that stirred up a lot of conflict among medical professionals. There were some statements made that did not sit well with our editorial staff and so for this week’s Disaster Averted, our current intern, Demetrios Pappas, Pharm D candidate from the School of Pharmacy at Presbyterian College, prepared an overview of the best use of callus treatment and what complications can be avoided. We’ve also gathered together some of the excellent feedback we received from some of you, and you can read those responses below. 


Our Clinical Text is from Joslin and continues the discussion of individualized diabetes education including ways to figure out what your patients want to hear.