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Editor’s Note, DCMS #103

Sep 24, 2012

Each time we see our diabetes patients we stress lifestyle modifications. We know that our patients want to improve but we also know how hard it can be. This week, we feature Homerun Slides prepared by Margarita Stanosyan, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidiate, LECOM College of Pharmacy covering GLP-1 Analogs and Lifestyle Modifications. Check out whether the analogs make lifestyle changes easier or if lifestyle changes make the analogs work better.

Our Clinical Text is a must-read for everyone that works in a hospital ER as we have Part 3 of the methods to treat Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Adults, and our Disaster Averted discusses the use of two long-acting analogs in the same patient.


Be sure to check out this week’s Mastery in Minutes Video as Dr. Silva Arslanian talks about the earlier incidence rate of ESRD of people who have type 2 in childhood.