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Editor’s Desk, DCMS #136

May 13, 2013

We often talk about the value of controlling lipids and glucose and their relation to patient health. If patients would only do what we tell them then the results would be good and our jobs would be easier. With the recent changes in healthcare, however, going through the motions of requesting better control no longer is good enough. Five star quality ratings and the growth of ACO’s mean that outcomes and patient satisfaction will drive all of us to better results. This week in part 3 of our Homerun Slides series on Quality Measures in Cholesterol and Diabetes Management, we discuss why these quality ratings are so important for our patients and our financial survival.

Our Disaster Averted looks at how hospital orders are often misinterpreted, and our Clinical Text delves further into the management of Hyperosmolar Non-ketotic Hyperglycemia. Be sure to see this week’s Mastery In Minutes video on the use of diabetes medications in children