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Does Cycling Increase the Lifespan of People Living with Type 2 Diabetes?

Jul 31, 2021
Editor: David L. Joffe, BSPharm, CDE, FACA

Author: Ashley Ball, PharmD Candidate, LECOM-School of Pharmacy

Recently completed research examines the effect of consistent cycling on all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in type 2 diabetes.

Exercise is integral to a healthy lifestyle, especially in those with Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM). In 2016 the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines were updated to recommend at least 2.5 hours a week of moderate to vigorous-intensity exercise. In addition, the guideline recommends two to three sessions of resistance training on nonconsecutive days and two to three sessions of flexibility and balance training for older patients with diabetes. However, the duration may be decreased in young, healthy patients with diabetes if they wish to increase the intensity of their workouts. Cycling may be a good candidate in these areas. Cyclists can modify the level of resistance and intensity, and cycling requires the person to have balance.


People with diabetes have a higher incidence of premature death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all-cause. Ried-Larsen and his team sought to examine the association between duration of cycling and all-cause and CVD death....

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Does Cycling Increase the Lifespan of People Living with Type 2 Diabetes?
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