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Dec. 29, 2020

Dec 29, 2020

Happy New Year from the staff and management of Diabetes in Control.

Last Saturday I was listening to my good friend and colleague, Joe Graedon, on the NPR show the People’s Pharmacy. Joe has hosted the show for about 1/2 a year longer than we have had Diabetes in Control. He brings a lot of interesting medical professionals and researchers to the show, and it is very informative both for the general public and medical professionals.


The topic was Vitamin D and COVID-19. The bottom line of the hour-long show was the positive value of Vitamin D supplementation to reduce risk of complications of the coronavirus.

This reminded me that one of our top 3 articles for 2020 was the value of Vitamin D in reducing the risk of diabetes (Laterpay). When you add the compounding risk of having diabetes and contracting COVID-19, you can see why this would be an article worth reading.

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We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe