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Philip A. Wood, DVM, PhD

Dr. Philip A. Wood is a basic scientist, author, lecturer, and medical school professor. He received his DVM and MS degrees from Kansas State University and his PhD in Experimental Pathology from University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). At UAB, Dr. Wood is currently Professor and Director of the Division of Genomics in the Department of Genetics, as well as Professor of Nutrition Sciences, Physiology and Biophysics, and a Senior Scientist in the UAB Clinical Nutrition Research Center. Dr. Wood has published more than 75 peer reviewed papers and has lectured about fatty acid metabolism and genetics throughout the world. He enjoys speaking to academic medical audiences, as well as lay audiences about the impact of genetics, diet, physical activity and drugs on diseases of excess fat.

Nutrigenetic testing: Is it ready for prime-time?

This week Dr. Phil Wood’s article, Nutrigenetic testing: Is it ready for prime-time?, looks at the one goal of modern genetics and medicine is to provide “individualized medicine,” or medical care based on an individual’s genotype. Nutrigenetics is one example of the developing potential for meeting that goal.

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