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April 7, 2020

Apr 7, 2020

As we move further into the year and the changes that the Pandemic has caused, we are forced to make changes in how we look at everything from healthcare to shopping to working environments.

The first thing we see is a change in the way Pharma companies will approach medical professionals. Many companies are using telephone calls to check on samples and coupons and the like, and now there is a movement to the vLNL or virtual Lunch and Learn. Using technologies like FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and the like, Pharma reps are having meals delivered and meeting with the prescribers, with samples and coupons being mailed by fulfillment houses.


The announcement by the ADA that they are going to make this year’s scientific session an interactive online meeting, changes the whole exhibitor experience, and if it is successful you can bet that others will duplicate the idea, and trade shows are likely to follow the same route. When you couple these workarounds with the consistent decrease in attendance and exhibitors over the last few years, you can almost see the handwriting on the wall.

This is why we started this newsletter many years ago, and why we still feel we are on the cutting edge of delivering concise information to you, our loyal readers.


We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe