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American Clinical Board of Nutrition

Feb 27, 2007

The American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN) offers our readers the first NCCA recognized certificate in nutrition.

American Clinical Board of Nutrition


Subscribers to the DiabetesInControl Newsletter are among the first to be introduced to the first and currently only Nationally Accredited, Federally Recognized, certifying agency in nutrition for professionals beyond the graduate level. The American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN) is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). As an accredited certifying agency, the ACBN’s purpose is to ensure the health and safety of the public through an examination process of professionals that assesses and maintains competency assurance. The ACBN has caught the eye of certain legislators and regulatory boards since its accreditation status was made public in 2005. The ACBN does not practice academic discrimination of professionals in its qualifying process. The ACBN welcomes and embraces all professionals that qualify to become board certified.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as textbooks on nutrition, all recognize that of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States, 5 of them including diabetes, can be significantly altered with nutritional therapeutics. While this is a fact already known to subscribers of this newsletter, nutritional education is sorely lacking in the United States, especially among young children and their parents, certain ethnic groups, senior citizens, and the financially disadvantaged to name a few. While professionals versed in nutrition struggle to educate the public about diabetes and treat their patients, there has not been a driving and unifying force with the qualifications and credentials to represent these professionals and other stakeholders until now. The ACBN has those qualifications and the recognition which is growing every day. Treating diabetes through nutritional therapeutics and lifestyle changes requires recognition on many levels, from public education and diabetes management, to insurance and regulatory recognition.

The ACBN is that driving force because it is an accredited certifying agency. The greater number of certificants the ACBN has, the greater its influence will be on legislative and insurance initiatives, regulatory board recognition, and federal programs. The public now demands specialists to help them in their health care needs. The ACBN is that specialty in nutrition. 

As a diversified professional group, we ask that you consider board certification in nutrition by the ACBN. Adding this national recognition to your curriculum vitae will help diabetes treatment and other nutritionally related diseases by attesting to the quality control and competency assurance desired by regulatory boards and federal agencies. Individually, we can help our patients and the general public. As a group, we can ensure its continuance and explore the future.

To become board eligible to sit for the ACBN certification examination, the candidate must:

  1. Have a professional degree
  2. Have 300 hours of Post Degree education in nutrition
  3. Have had 2 years practice experience or 2,000 hours nutrition experience
  4. Written an article or paper on some aspect of nutrition that could be submitted for publication

The ACBN will be administering an examination in the fall of this year. For further information, to see if you may already be board eligible to sit for the examination, or desire further information, please visit our website at www.acbn.org., or
call Bonnie Sealock, American Clinical Board of Nutrition at  540-635-8844
. A free Candidate’s Handbook – Basic Edition may be downloaded from the website.