Jun 21, 2016


Two weeks ago, I gave a presentation to the Florida Chapter of the American Association of Consultant Pharmacists. The focus of the presentation was on the team concept for diabetes management and all the different professionals that play a role. One part of the presentation was about the new insulins and how the possibilities exist for dosing mistakes. This week, our Disasters Averted discusses the potential problems of dosing mistakes and below are some of the tips I shared during that presentation to make it easier to understand.

  • Humulin U-500- Regular Insulin 5x strength U-100
  • Dosed in pen based on units of U-100 needed
  • Dosed in vials based on conversion from U-100
  • Toujeo Pen- Glargine Insulin 3x strength of Lantus
  • Dosed based on U-100 Units
  • Humalog U-200 Insulin Pen  2x strength of U-100
  • Dosed on U-100 Units

Dave Joffe