Mar 29, 2016

daveIf you are old enough to remember the original Mission Impossible shows, then you probably remember the small cassette player that had a self-destructing tape that gave Mr. Phelps (played by Peter Graves) his mission. Each time, the show started with Phelps going to a private location and finding the tape player and a manila envelope with information on the mission. The tape always started with, “…your mission, should you decide to accept, is….” Over the past five years, we have been providing you with our weekly clinical newsletter and now you have a mission — if you decide to accept!

Your mission is to click on this link and see how quickly you can take control in the Battling A1C challenge. By the way, don’t waste too much time as this chance will self-destruct in 30 seconds.


Your partner in diabetes care,

Dave Joffe