Dec 17, 2015


I have always felt that if my patients used artificial sweeteners there had to be a net positive effect on their diabetes and glucose levels. I felt this way in spite of the often overly-hyped small studies to the contrary. However, based on a discussion with a CDE Dietitian from the VA in Saint Petersburg, I have started looking at the effects that these substitutes can have on stomach flora. I found that it would be a good idea to have our patients use probiotics to help insure stomach flora stays normal. According to a recent article in Diabetes Care, it looks like the idea of using certain probiotics may have an added benefit of increased insulin and GLP-1 production for our diabetes patients. Click here to see which probiotic you should be recommending to your patients.

Even with the addition of this probiotic many patients will not reach proper levels of GLP-1 and insulin, and so adding both of these hormones will be necessary. Our Tool for Your Practice gives you a complete chart of all the current GLP-1 analog therapies and our Home Run slides look at using GLP-1’s and insulin together.


Your partner in diabetes care,
Dave Joffe