Oct 22, 2015


Early-on in DPP-4 Inhibitor drug development there was a product ready to go before Januvia. The pills were in the bottle, the booth was ready to go at ADA and then the drug was withdrawn from the market, because of reports of skin lesions. The word on the street indicated that maybe these enzymatic inhibitors had effects other than just increasing native GLP-1 levels.

Now it appears that GLP-1 analogs may do more than we ever thought. In fact a recent study, published in the Journal Addiction, makes a case for using Liraglutide for alcohol dependence and we have the compelling information on why this may become a new indication for the molecule to go along with diabetes (Victoza) and weight loss (Saxenda).


Dr Paresh Dandona shares his insights on the use of GLP-1 therapy in Type 1 diabetes and why we have seen an uptick in the concurrent use.

Your partner in diabetes care,
Dave Joffe