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How to Treat Hypoglycemia—as Quickly and Effectively as Possible

You have to love it when research studies come out and prove what you believed all along. I had this experience recently when a systematic review and meta-analysis (looking at the results from multiple studies simultaneously) e-published ahead of print in Emergency Medicine Journal in September 2016 (1) compared the speed of glucose tablets against dietary sugars for treating hypoglycemia in adults who had symptoms of being low. The dietary forms of sugar tested included sucrose (table sugar), fructose (fruit sugar), orange juice (containing fructose), jelly beans, Mentos, cornstarch hydrolysate, Skittles, and milk.

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December 3, 2016

Test Your Knowledge

This injectable drug class focuses on the incretin system and leads to increased insulin secretion, decreased glucagon secretion, and slowed gastric emptying. One of its advantages is that its use can lead to weight loss: 1. GLP-1 receptor agonists 2. SGLT-2 Inhibitors 3. DPP-IV 4. Sulfonylureas Did you get the right answer? Follow the link to find out!

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ACA Changes

Do you feel that with our new president, changes to the Affordable Care Act will be: 1. Negative 2. Positive 3. Unsure Follow the link to share your opinion and see what your colleagues think!

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