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Calorie Counter: Diets & Activities

Sep 4, 2012

Arawella Corporation
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfcOlP-Hn6U


With this app, users can create their own diets and plans for physical activity. After creating a diet profile, users can set their own goals for weight loss or maintaining weight.

The app can also automatically calculate your needs for the intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. An easy to use interface and colorful graphs track your progress. The app also uses the barcode scanner function, which can identify food calorie content immediately through the 400,000+ food database. Another plus is that users can use this app to track their blood pressure and blood sugar. 
Overall Impressions from Around the Web:
Extremely positive reviews with over 2 million downloads. Arawella also seems to be committed to improving the app and keeping up with the competition.

Calorie Counter: diets & activities

Not yet available for Android