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MedAngel ONE (Protecting Your Insulin From Temperature Changes)

Jun 17, 2017

MedAngelAfter 100 plus years we finally have a way with new technology to protect our insulin from temperature changes that can affect your health. “MedAngel ONE is the best solution to monitor and protect temperature sensitive medications like insulin. Continuous monitoring and logging ensures that you and your patients can always can always see beyond doubt if your medications were stored properly. It supports hundreds of FDA approved medications and adapts the smart alerts to them. If a dangerous temperature is approached or exceeded, the app will alert you immediately.

“MedAngel One harnesses the power of connected smartphones to give you the highest level of safety as maintained by professional pharmacists.”  This product can save you thousands of dollars by preventing the damage caused by major temperature changes to any drug that requires refrigeration. –Interview with the Inventor It is available at:  DoctorsOption


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