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Insulin for Life Answering Calls for Help

Sep 19, 2017

Concerned about the extreme weather disasters we have had and those predicted, I reached out to Carol Atkinson, Director of Insulin for Life, a trusted organization, to see how we could help.

She was so busy putting packages together for people who have diabetes, she quickly told me the story of Wharton, Texas.


It was Labor Day weekend. Hurricane Harvey had just hit and it hit Wharton, Texas hard. They were in need of insulin. So, not only was Wharton flooded, it was a holiday weekend. The stores were closed and no shipments were coming their way.

The community members of Wharton were feeling somewhat overlooked. They were concerned about the health and safety of their residents. They reached out to Insulin for Life in Gainesville, FL for help.

Insulin for Life was able to get a private group to fly supplies from Gainesville, FL to Wharton, Texas. Within 13 hours after receiving the call for help on the heels of a hurricane and over a holiday, Wharton received what they needed. The only way this could have been done was to have the insulin and supplies already available through community donors for disaster aid, Carole said.

We can’t say how many disasters were averted, but we know there were many. People who have diabetes NEED insulin for their life.

Please give to Insulin for Life to avert disasters and to save lives of people with diabetes during these disastrous times of weather.

Learn more by checking out their website or contact:

Carol Atkinson, Director
Insulin For Life

Watch and Listen to our interview about Insulin For Life.

Thank you for what you have given, and in advance for what you will give,

Your friends from Diabetes In Control who know you want to give to a trusted organization to help prevent diabetes disasters.

Joy Pape, FNP-C, CDE
Medical Editor, DiabetesInControl