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DietSensor App

Oct 22, 2016

Introducing the new DietSensor app for iOS and Google devices. This App will allow you to scan your food and drinks and get accurate counts to better judge how much insulin to use.

  • NUMBERS COUNT! Whether managing your diabetes, improving your fitness or losinDietSensorg weight, DietSensor keeps you in control, balanced, on track and fully connected.
  • Experience DietSensor – the world’s best nutritional app and pocket size scanner that scans your food and drinks, tells you the fat, carbs, protein, alcohol and calories in seconds.
  • Access one of the world’s largest food databases.
  • Make informed nutritional choices that help you manage your numbers. Scan your food, and manage your health.

The SCiO bluetooth connected molecular sensor is a pocket-sized device that, using near infrared spectroscopy, allows DietSensor to determine the chemical makeup of food and drink. DietSensor builds spectrometric models that translate the resulted information into something really useful – a calorie count and the percentage of carbohydrates, fat, protein and alcohol contained in your food. This is all quickly sent and clearly displayed on the DietSensor app on your smartphone. Available this November.