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Aug. 11, 2018

Aug 11, 2018

This week we have a couple of features that could have been for my wife. The first is a feature that shows the value of e-bikes and fitness, and the second is an item from our PharmD candidate Kennen Munoz Munoz on the addition of an SGLT-2 Inhibitor to insulin dependent type 2 diabetes patients.

Four years ago my wife developed Insulin dependent Type 2 diabetes, and made changes to her food choices and exercise and started on insulin.


After watching me cycle 27,000 miles in the past 6 years and my daughter ride about 14,000 miles in the last 4 years, my wife decided to get a bike and ride. She was riding about 8 or 9 miles 4 days a week which helped control her glucose levels, but would always ride by herself or with a friend. Last March she had knee replacement surgery and was determined to get her riding skills back as soon as possible, as she was afraid her A1c would get out of control. When she was first diagnosed she was using 40-50 units of insulin and her levels were still high. As she changed her food and activity the levels improved; however, when we added an SGLT-2 her glucose levels went lower, and today she only uses about 20 units of insulin daily, and her last A1c was 6.

This June, I convinced her to join a group of 12 of us who were riding 6 days in the hills of Western Virginia. The smartest thing I did was to buy her an electric pedal assist bike. Instead of riding 6-7 miles at 9 MPH she was able to go 25-40 miles a day at about 16 miles per hour and ride with our group. You might have thought the e-bike did all the work, but all you needed to do was watch the power she had to exert and the great glucose levels she was able to maintain.

Now she rides with a group most every day and has an easy way to run to the grocery, or to the gym.


We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe