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Dec. 9, 2017

For many years cardiovascular disease has been the number one cause of death among diabetes patients. So getting a CV benefit from diabetes drugs is a definite plus. Over the past few weeks Dr. Aaron Vinik has been sharing his views on the values of Cycloset for both diabetes and …

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Why Data-Driven Diabetes Management Systems are the Future

By Guest Writer David Kliff, Publisher, Diabetic Investor: Although it has taken much longer than I anticipated, market dynamics are forcing companies to think differently and we are now on the verge of patients being prescribed diabetes management systems rather than individual pieces of the system.

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Insulin Pens Vs. Vial and Syringe?

You have decided that one of your patients, a 72-year-old, should add a basal insulin dose to her antihyperglycemic regimen. During your discussion with her, she voices concern that between her “arthritic hands and poor vision” she won’t be able to accomplish this. You make the recommendation that using an insulin pen will make injection easier for her. Which of the following statements regarding insulin pens is true? A. They all require loading with an insulin cartridge. B. They have more accurate dosing than syringes. C. They can now dose insulin in .10 units increments. D. They are now available for all types of insulin. Follow the link for the answer.

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Syringe Know-How

Are all your patients who use insulin pens trained and know how to use a vial and syringe? Follow the link to see how you and your colleagues compare.

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