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Feb. 28, 2017

I am willing to guess that if Pharma did not produce tools for patients, we would all have a harder time delivering information. When I look back at some of the handouts from the ’90s, it is amazing how much better the current ones are. There is much more focus …

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Sometimes You’ve Got to Get in Their Face

Woman, 86 years of age, very active, history of type 2 diabetes, but does not check glucose or even admit she has diabetes. She has refused to take any medications at all for the last 20+ years I’ve known her. Had gastroenteritis for 3 days. Even when well, she does not drink anything but coffee, and sometimes sugar-sweetened beverages, but only a few ounces of that at a time.

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Feb. 25, 2017

Most of you know that I love to cycle, and getting in as many miles as possible is always something I am looking for. Although I consider 60 miles to be a long ride, some of my riding buddies believe that is a drop in the bucket. On Friday morning, …

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