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Nov. 19, 2016

Recently I got to spend some time with the director of a kidney / liver transplant center in Largo, Fl. While I was touring the facility she was telling me about how they select candidates for kidney transplant, and the problems that keep people from being selected. We also talked …

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Question #860

Test Your Knowledge

You are seeing a 57-year-old man whose 10-year cardiovascular risk profile suggests that he should receive a low-dose statin. What should you consider regarding statins and the risk for incident diabetes? a. Statins are not associated with any significant difference in the risk for diabetes. b. Statins can increase the risk for incident diabetes by 48%. c. Statins may particularly promote diabetes among older adults. d. A total of 255 patients receiving statins for 4 years would produce 1 additional case of diabetes. Did you get it right? Follow the link to find out!

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Type 2 Treatment Preferences

Which treatment do you feel most comfortable with for type 2 patients? 1. DPP-4 2. GLP-1 3. SGLT-2 4. Sulfonylurea 5. TZD 6. Insulin Follow the link to share your opinion and see what your colleagues think!

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