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Sept. 3, 2016

In issue 162, published in June 2004, we had an item from the BMJ touting a polypill that could reduce heart attack and strokes in 80% of all people over 55 who had some sort of vascular problem. This pill had 6 drugs, including: a cholesterol-lowering statin; three blood-pressure medications; folic acid; …

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Why I Count Calories, Not Just Carbs

Dr. Sheri Colberg on Avoid Weight Gain from Insulin Use and Treating Lows

Whenever someone gets diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) nowadays, the first thing that an educator or dietitian tries to teach them is how to count carbohydrates (carbs). Although I have been living with T1D now for almost half a century, I have to admit that I don’t count carbs. Not only that, but I personally don’t think carb counting works very well!

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Question #849

Test Your Knowledge

Issue849Graph How good are you at interpreting graphs? Follow the link to see this graph at full size and indicate the parameter that best describes Curve 1. Is it: insulin secretion, postprandial glucose, fasting glucose, or insulin resistance?

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Lifestyle Changes

Do you think people who are prescribed a drug, like metformin, for prediabetes are more or less likely to make lifestyle changes that could help their prediabetes? Follow the link to share your opinion!

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