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Razer Nabu


Razer Nabu It looks like my beloved Nike+ FuelBand, but in addition to logging and displaying your steps, distance, stairs and sleep, it has a second screen that will display text messages, Twitter, incoming calls and more — with both iOS and Android mobiles. It’s called a "social wearable" as …

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A Simple Way to Cut Diabetes Costs – Good Foot Care

More than half of diabetes patients are at risk for developing diabetic neuropathy which in severe cases can lead to lower-extremity amputations. As a common cause of hospitalizations among diabetic patients, they drive up diabetes-related costs which totaled $245 billion in 2012, up 41% from 2007. The CDC estimates that …

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New Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Passes First Test

A clinical study on a T1D treatment developed by Dr. Eli Lewis, a BGU researcher, in collaboration with the University of Colorado Health Science Center, had an "exceptional outcome" after an eight week treatment of the anti-inflammatory serum protein, Alpha1-Antitrypsin (AAT). "Following treatment of eight to 12 weeks with AAT, …

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