Daily Archives: Sep 12, 2012

Steven V. Edelman, MD, Founder, TCOYD, Introduction

Steve Freed introduces Dr. Edelman who tells us about the Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) programs which began in 1985 and now are up to 12 conventions a year, a TV show, a website, and a book, helping to bring diabetes education to millions of diabetes patients each year. More videos …

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Steven V. Edelman, MD: Perceived versus Actual Blood Sugars


Dr. Steven V. Edelman discusses the results of a study he and his team did with patients to see how their perception of their blood sugars varied from their actual results. The results, he says, reinforce the idea of “Test, Don’t Guess.” Many patients said they could “feel” what their blood sugar was …

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Steven V. Edelman, MD, Q4 TCOYD Update

Dr. Edelman gives us an update on the TCOYD programs for 2012-2012 including; the fact that they are getting bigger each year with about 1500 people at each convention now; the type 1 track will be starting much earlier in the day this year with more special sessions; and the TCOYD …

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