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Letter from the Editor #645

This week we have an article in the European Heart Journal that points out having high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness can actually help an obese patient have a lower risk of mortality and cardiovascular events, than individuals who have low cardiovascular fitness and are not obese. These patients often also have …

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PaQ Insulin Delivery Device


  PaQ Insulin Delivery Device   The CeQur device (PaQ), a small discreet, wearable insulin patch infuser, is for continuous subcutaneous delivery. The CeQur insulin infuser includes a disposable insulin reservoir that attaches to a reusable electronic messenger. The device easily attaches to the patient’s abdominal area with a secure adhesive …

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Xylitol: Both a Sweetener and Diabetic Treatment?

Xylitol can be a safe alternative to sugar, but might also be used to fight type 2 diabetes. A new study showed 5-weeks of xylitol supplementation improved food and fluid intake, body weight, blood sugar, serum fructosamine, lipid profile, serum insulin concentration and glucose tolerance. Alternatively, the xylitol supplement did …

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Surgery, Low-cal Diets Boost Insulin Sensitivity

Data presented at the Obesity Society meeting revealed no significant difference between Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery and a very low-calorie diet in boosting insulin sensitivity and secretion in type 2 diabetes patients. Researchers examined 22 patients and found insulin sensitivity increased to 2.2 in both groups, while insulin response increased …

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The Diabetes Prevention Act of 2012 Is Before Congress

This bill would allow Medicare coverage of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) for beneficiaries who have been diagnosed with prediabetes. Expanding Medicare coverage to include this program will help to prevent diabetes among this high-risk population and potentially save the federal government billions of dollars. Medicare does not currently …

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Diabetes Cause Linked to Iron

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, in conjunction with those at Novo Nordisk A/S, have presented a new concept concerning the cause of diabetes which is linked to iron and how it causes beta cell death….

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