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Wound Care – Wait for the Other Shoe to Drop

Feb 2, 2014

At our podiatry clinic, we had a Native American patient who came in once a week for diabetic ulcer debridement and dressing changes. He would do his home care and then return for further debridement and a new topical if the current one wasn’t healing the ulcer. Because it was extremely cold and there was a lot of snow, the patient was wearing large, heavy boots. He removed the right boot but did not wish to remove the left boot because there had been no problems with his foot the previous week and it was inconvenient to remove the boot. I asked the patient to remove the left boot anyway and he reluctantly cooperated….

Sure enough, due to his total neuropathy, there was a large blister on the plantar aspect of his first metatarsal head. It was drained and dressed and successfully treated during subsequent visits.

Lesson Learned:

Although an ulcer may be on one foot or leg, both should be visually inspected at each appointment for ulcer treatment and dressing changes.

S.P. BSc, DCh 

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