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Whole Life The real game

Dec 9, 2003

Whole Life does not take place in cyberspace on the internet but is a real game of Aliens, Weapons, and a Health meter. Each time you succeed and reach a new level, you change the real world around you. Many of your challengers in other games are just playing. They never get to experience the “real world.” Sure they may get to the top level in any game but if they had to live the real game they would not be so tough. (Just ask an Army tank ordinance officer about the difference between a simulator and a real tank.)

Whole Life


The real game

Whole Life does not take place in cyberspace on the internet but is a real game of Aliens, Weapons, and a Health meter. Each time you succeed and reach a new level, you change the real world around you.

You, __name_______, have been selected to set the standards of this real game so that other challengers may learn from you.

Rules of the contest:

Your goal is to have great glucose control and a lower A1c by using your tools and weapons against the Diabetes Aliens (hereafter referred to as the DA’s).

These DA’s are a sneaky bunch and have many ways of tricking you into failure.

They sometimes disguise themselves as great snacks, or your favorite breakfast food, why they have even been so sly as to show up at a restaurant miles from your home.

DA’s use their hypnotic powers to keep you from checking your health meter or using you weapons. They can cause others just like you to help them and can even turn them into aliens that will harm you. You just can’t trust them.

The DA’s are classified a follows:

CARB DA’s—these sweet, starchy creatures lull you into hyperglycemia by hiding out in the foods you eat. They don’t look like much but usually there are so many of them at the table that you get suckered into consuming too many and then your glucose goes too high, giving you a terrible reading on the health meter.
Missed Bolus DA’s– Wow are these guys tricky! They work on your brain to give you amnesia. IF they get in you far enough your memory for bolus doses is totally wiped out.
No Exercise DA’s – These characters have a really sneaky way about them. They will tell you exercise is good but then try to get you to do hours of it. They tell you this is the only way you can be healthy. DON’T fall for this scam. Any exercise is good whether it is 5 minutes or 15. They try to get you not to move by making it seem hard.
Your tools

Health meter/ordinance calculator(also known as an metername)- This is how you keep an eye on the aliens and score points. The more often you use your health meter the more you will win. This health meter not only lets you know if the aliens are winning but it also helps you to calculate how much weaponry you need to get rid of the DA’s and improve you health meter readings.

Insulin-This life-sustaining force delivered by your pump in Bolus Doses is your best weapon to reverse the effects you have received from the aliens, and works well to neutralize the Carb DA’s before they can have an effect on you. Using this all the time will cause the Missed Bolus DA’s to leave faster than a Klingon from Capt Kirk.

Carb Counting- This secret of the ages is bestowed on you. This is a method to determine the amount of Carb DA’s coming at you before they strike. Use this secret with your carb ratio and bolus dosing to neutralize the Carb DA’s before they attack.
Exercise- This simple process works well to chase off the No Exercise DA’s and Burn Up the Carb DA’s. This is one weapon the Carb DA’s know can permanently eliminate them. They know that even 10- 15 minutes of exercise will burn them up and if you get 30 minutes of exercise you can actually burn up those Carb DA’s for another 6 to 8 hours
To move beyond the first level you must do the Following.

Use your health meter 4 times a day.
Use you insulin bolus weapon successfully 90% of the time
Use you exercise weapon At least once a day
Lower you highest Healthmeter reading to ??? or below
You,__name___, are the generator of this game. You have been entrusted with the all important task of setting the standards that all future Whole Life players will use to measure their success.

You must strive to set those scores high.

Good Luck and May the BOLUS be with you.

This real life adventure was developed by Dave Joffe, RPh, CDE, FACE for Diabetes in Control. Any use or duplication is allowed.