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When Diabetes Gets Out of Control, Get Back to the Basics

Jun 29, 2015

A female chef, 28 years of age with type 1 diabetes over 18 years, reported extreme glucose excursions. She had pretty good control up until she took on this profession….

She came in to discuss whether she needed changes in her basal, bolus, and/or sensitivity settings. It had been a while since we went over the basics. I watch her check her blood glucose. She was so busy at work, she wasn’t consistently washing her hands when she checked.


I reminded her that it was important, especially in her profession, to wash her hands thoroughly because sugar on her hands from her food preparations could interfere with her blood glucose tests.

She started making sure she washed her hands every time she checked and her glucose levels returned to her regular patterns. The extreme excursions were no longer.

Lessons Learned:

  • Many times, it’s getting back to basics that help regulate glucose levels.
  • When someone has a life change, that’s a good time to review the basics.


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