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What’s Puzzling May Take a Simple Fix

Jul 12, 2016

16-year-old male, type 1 diabetes since 2 years of age, pump therapy. Eats about the same thing daily. Post prandials vary widely. When corrects for highs, gets low.

When checking his meter, it was very dirty. Asked patient if he washes his hands when he checks after meal glucoses. States, “Sometimes.” Reminded him the importance of hands being clean, without food when he checks glucose.

Started washing his hands before checking. Next visit post prandials made more sense and did not have the lows when corrected.

Lessons Learned:

When things don’t make sense:

  • go back to the basics. In this case, checking glucose with clean hands.
  • ask patient to show you glucose monitoring technique.
  • remember, sometimes it’s not so complicated.


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