Wellness Tip of the Day

Sep 4, 2012

Cleveland Clinic


This application has two views, normal and calendar view.

When viewing the normal view, the application is frustrating, as there are lots of multi-colored circles that are moving around and require moderate hand-eye coordination to click on. When selecting calendar view, the colored circles fall into a stationary place and are easy to click on. After clicking on a colored circle, it gives the user a daily tip. Pink circles are for mind tips, orange circles are for body tips, and green circles are for food tips.  
Overall Impressions from Around the Web:
Not many users and reviews but did come across this amusing review from the Plain Dealer:
From the review: "At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with 360-5. When you open the program, it looks like a bunch of multicolor bubbles floating around your screen that bump into each other as you move your phone, and it took me longer than I’d like to admit (about 10 minutes) to figure out that I was supposed to pop the darn things by double-clicking them. But when I finally did, I was greeting by a cute popping animation followed by a short health tip. Fun!"

Wellness Tip of the Day

Not available for Android