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Weight Watchers Mobile

Jan 15, 2013

Weight Watchers International, Inc.
iOS/Android Subscription required


The Weight Watchers Mobile app can help patients stay in control and make smart and satisfying food choices.

In the latest version, new interactive tools can help patients tap into the stick-with-it power of the new Weight Watchers 360 program anytime, anywhere. However, a subscription to either the Weight Watchers eTools or website online is required. Features include: the ability to track food intake, activity, and weight; an interactive chart to review weight-loss progress; access to Spaces and Routines tools; a Snap & Track feature to capture and share delicious food moments; more than 150,000 foods, meals and recipes; health and fitness content; and a map utility to find Weight Watchers meetings in the patient’s local area.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t seem to be getting the greatest reviews mainly due to technical problems. Although it’s "free" there is a subscription required so hopefully the Weight Watchers crew will attend to these issues. Possibly a lot of the problems are due to overly ambitious development as the app has quite a few features.

Weight Watchers Mobile iOS

Weight Watchers Mobile Android