Jul 20, 2012



WebMD is a leading provider of health information for both patients and healthcare professionals.

The key features include the Symptom Checker in which you can select a part of the body that is troubling you through a list or by clicking on a virtual human model. You then select from the given possible symptoms to learn about potential conditions you may be suffering from. With the feature, you can review information on various conditions, general overview, symptoms, treatment, and other articles for more information. Drug & Treatments allows users to help better understand drug therapy by providing information such as their indication and possible side effects. There is also the First Aid feature that provides a guide to treating medical emergencies and other helpful treatment tips. I love the Local Health Listings function because it helps patients easily find doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals in their area or nearby locations. The app also allows you to save lists of the information that you find most helpful and to password protect it for your privacy. This is a very useful app for the normal consumer wanting to learn more about a condition or drugs, or to have handy for medical emergencies. 

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