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Volix (Voglibose) For Treatment Of Diabetes, Released In India

Feb 14, 2006

New Alpha-Glucosidase inhibitor for treatment of postprandial hyperglycemica released in India for the treatment of diabetes. Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited (Ranbaxy) today announced the launch of its branded product Volix (Voglibose), for the treatment of diabetes. The product, a novel Alpha-Glucosidase inhibitor introduced for the first time in India, will be available in dosages of 0.2 mg & 0.3 mg tablets.

Voglibose is indicated for improvement of postprandial hyperglycemia in diabetes mellitus only when diet and/or exercise or oral hyperglycemic drug or Insulin preparation in addition to diet and/or exercise, does not result in adequate glycemic (Glycemic) control. The avoidance of high postprandial (aftermeals) blood glucose level is one of the main advantages of drug.

“Volix (Voglibose) will provide Indian doctors with a medicine which is a strong and selective inhibitor as compared to the available ‘Alpha-Glucosidase’ – Acarbose. The effect of Voglibose as an inhibitor of sucrase and maltase is 190-270 times greater than that of Acarbose.”

Presently there are about 150 million diabetic patients worldwide, out of which 33 million are in India alone. As per WHO estimates, the number of diabetics worldwide would increase to 300 million by 2025, with India becoming the Diabetes capital of the world.