Vital Signs Camera

Apr 11, 2014

Philips Innovation


This is a remarkable app in a developing field which takes advantage of the cameras built into smart phones.


Vital Signs is geared towards helping patients monitor their health. The app measures heart rate from the changes in color of a human face and breathing rate from the motion of the patient’s chest. It’s unobtrusive – there’s no need to touch the device and no additional hardware — Vital Signs just uses the camera and advanced video analysis software created by Philips Research. The app works because the heart’s beating causes small changes in the color of a human face. These changes are not visible to the eye, but with advanced software the iPad or iPhone camera detects these "micro-blushes" to measure heart rate. Similarly, when we breathe, our chests moves up and down. With advanced software, the iPad or iPhone camera tracks this movement to measure breathing rate.

More features:
+ Use the history graphs to look at heart rate and breathing rate trends
+ Compare measurements to daily or hourly average
+ Export history using iTunes
+ Share screenshots of results online
+ Two hearts beat as one: measure the heart rate of two people at the same time

Vital Signs iOS